IT professional. Public domain photographer. Tech enthusiast.


My love of tech started in 1995 watching the outrageous Mac-powered check fraud of Disney’s Blank Check. I’ve always loved cameras and started to take more of an interest in photography in high school and have continued since. I’m no pro and as such contribute all of my photos to the public domain as a resource for developing designers, artist and other content creators. I currently work as an IT professional who tackles a wide variety of projects on a day-to-day basis, while also serving a critical internal and customer-facing support role.


Latest Posts

Occasionally I do find something worth posting to this site as an article. Here are the latest!

Windows 10 sleeping after locking — a fix at last!

Since I started using a docked laptop in Windows 10, there’s been one issue so annoying that I switched back to having a separate desktop for much of my use.[…]

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Digital signatures on powerful forms: meet Cognito Forms

Digital form-filling is a ubiquitous way of doing business these days, so it’s important to have an option that won’t frustrate your (prospective) customers. Other key factors are ease of[…]

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