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Windows 10 sleeping after locking — a fix at last!

Since I started using a docked laptop in Windows 10, there’s been one issue so annoying that I switched back to having a separate desktop for much of my use. The issue? When I locked my computer and stepped away for a couple of minutes, it would always have gone fully to sleep. This caused…
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Digital signatures on powerful forms: meet Cognito Forms

Digital form-filling is a ubiquitous way of doing business these days, so it’s important to have an option that won’t frustrate your (prospective) customers. Other key factors are ease of use, price and security. The best option I’ve found for small business digital form building is Cognito Forms. It features mobile-friendly forms with digital signatures,…
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Putting your work in the public domain–which license to choose?

As someone who puts all of their photographs in the public domain (except non-public shots of people), I recently spent a few minutes catching up on the state of public domain licensing, and thought it was a suitable excuse to post. As anyone who’s ever fiddled with their Flickr permissions can attest, there are a…
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How to change your YouTube channel’s default category

Video at bottom of post. The Issue If you’ve been using YouTube for quite some time you may find that your channel changes focus from time to time. For example I’ve recently made a bit more of a concerted effort to make tech-focused videos after primarily making nature videos for a long time. One thing…
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