This is just going to be a short how-to. I’ve been using a Lenovo 730 13″ as my personal laptop for a couple of months, and for the most part am very pleased. One issue that is pretty annoying right out of the box, or after a clean installation of Windows, is sluggish WiFi performance, especially when waking the computer up. Fortunately a little bit of Googling led me to this discussion forum post about the Yoga 720, which fortunately has helped out my Yoga 730 as well. Enough backstory, the steps that helped me are below.

The Fix

Open the Device Manager. I like to do this by right-clicking the start button.


Expand the Network adapters branch, then open the properties for your wireless LAN adapter.


Go to the power management tab and uncheck the option to allow computer to turn off this device to save power.


After making that change and saying OK of course, my wifi performance is no longer sluggish after sleeping and randomly throughout the day. Hopefully this helps you as well.