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The Issue

If you’ve been using YouTube for quite some time you may find that your channel changes focus from time to time. For example I’ve recently made a bit more of a concerted effort to make tech-focused videos after primarily making nature videos for a long time. One thing that I noticed after my most recent video is that the category was set to Recreation and Travel, not at all reflective of the content. Categories can seriously affect the odds of random people stumbling upon your video which can make a big difference in terms of additional random people stumbling upon a video. Because of this and due to the difficulty I had and finding a clear answer for this on Google, I’ve decided to prepare a quick guide to changing your default YouTube channel category.

The Solution

The first step is obviously going to be to go to YouTube and login to your account.

Once you are at YouTube you will need to click on your account profile picture in the top right and in the drop down there click on Creator Studio.

This will take you to the Creator Studio page we’re over on the left you’ll need to click on the channel button.

Once the channel page has loaded at you’ll have some new options over on the left under the channel button. Click on upload defaults.

On this upload defaults page you can change your category which will apply to any new uploads among a myriad of other video options. Make sure to save.

It is important to note that any videos you’ve already uploaded will not be affected by this category change so you will need to go back and change those videos manually if the category is inaccurate. Otherwise, you should be all set!